About US

OTI Advisors is a human resource advisory firm that helps Organizations, Teams and Individuals (OTI) reach their highest potential by designing customized training interventions that are based on scientific diagnosis and evidence.

There is a compelling body of evidence that supports the strong connection between how people are managed and the economic results achieved. We, at OTI Advisors, are committed to supporting you in achieving your defined goals. The current rapidly changing market conditions require speed, flexibility and continuous self-renewal to implement responsive strategies. Most organizations are trying to implement third-generation strategies, in second-generation organizations using first generation management techniques.

We support your leadership in helping transform your organization.

We believe employees who are physically and emotionally healthy, deliver better results and are A 2010 Harvard university more committed to the organizational goals. This is backed by decades of research. In particular, service-oriented organizations need to make employee wellness a priority. Only happy employees can create memorable experiences and happy customers.

We provide your team members with methods and tools to develop mental and emotional framework to create wellbeing and memorable customer service experiences.

We provide scientifically validated solutions to enhance your talent management efforts, building processes and culture that can offset most deeply embedded organizational issues. Our training programs are innovative, customized and based on in-depth analysis of your workforce challenges.

We help you build a long-term talent strategy that helps you achieve your goals, whether they are growth, financial success, happy employees or happy customers.

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