Employee Wellness Through Mindfulness

World health organization defines health in terms of "World health organization defines health in terms of" and not just absence of disease (Hattie, Myers, Sweeney, 2004).Stress, emotional exhaustion and burnout not only costs the employee, but also the organization dearly. Physically and emotionally fit employees are able to help organizations thrive by delivering consistent and highest levels of performance. A 2010 Harvard university study suggests an ROI of $3.27 for every $1 invested in wellness programs. Invest in your employees to help them reduce stress, emotional exhaustion and burnout.

Module I - Understanding Mindfulness

In this module, we will use self- reflection and group activities to answer the following questions:

  • Mindfulness - what is it
  • Mindfulness - why do we need it
  • Mindfulness - how is it achieved
  • Body Scan
  • Home Practice

Module II - From Breath Awareness to Self-awareness

In this module, we start taking our attention inward by identifying individual obstacles to a mindful practice. We focus on:

  • Breath Awareness through meditation
  • Self-Awareness - Doing our best in every moment.
  • Home meditation and practice

Module III - Being Mindful through Activity

In this module, we focus on building mindfulness into our daily activities such as:

  • Working
  • Eating
  • Resting
  • Walking

Module IV -Understanding Emotions

In this module, we focus our attention towards our emotions, what they mean and how they influence us and our life. We focus on:

  • Identifying fear and letting go
  • Identifying guilt and forgiving self
  • Identifying guilt and forgiving self

Module V - Stress Response

In this module, we work on responding to stress and stressful situations by:

  • Identifying patterns of stress.
  • Identifying our usual response.
  • Reframing our response to a challenge.

Module VI- Expanding the Circle of Attention

In this module, we expand our circle of attention from self to our sphere of influence focusing on how we may be influencing or being influenced by the world around us. We introduce the idea of our world being a mirror that reflects back at us our deepest feelings. We focus on answering the following questions:

  • What does my mirror show me?
  • How do I change the reflection in my mirror?

Module VII - Building Kindness

In this module, we work towards building kindness towards self and others by accepting everything in our life as our choice. We thus build:

  • Acceptance for self
  • Acceptance for others
  • Acceptance for our situations

Module VIII - Bringing it Together

In this module, we bring together our practice of mindfulness by:

  • Taking responsibility for our life situations
  • Focusing on the underlying belief
  • Finding balance in our actions and thoughts

Review Module

In this module, we review practices that have been taught in the first eight modules as well as learn new practices and methods. We specifically review:

  • Important daily practices, - Challenges with meditation, - New practices.,

Review modules once a month or every few months are recommended to help individuals break lifelong patterns of stress, negative coping and reactive tendencies. Each module is available in an online synchronous (with a live instructor), online asynchronous and as an in-person workshop.